Patient Special Needs Process

SPECIAL NEEDS Program for Individual Patients and Families

Perhaps the most compelling and concrete examples of how the Foundation’s resources are used to make a difference in people’s lives fall under the category of Special Needs. The Foundation makes grants to fund the day-to-day/monthly living expenses that lie outside the realm of hospice care but are nevertheless critically important to the patient’s comfort or peace of mind.

While many of these needs are very basic to most of us, to the hospice patient who has lost some, if not all of their income due to terminal illness, these needs are more important than we can know.

An advisory group that includes front-line caregivers evaluates the special grant requests to ensure that dollars are directed to the most critical needs in a timely fashion.

Process for Special Needs Request to the Foundation for End-of-Life Care

Click here to download the special needs request forms. Send to us via email at [email protected] .

1) Once the application is complete with all supporting documentation and the required signatures from the person recommending this request, (Team Manager, Sr. Manager or other authorized professional staff) the information is given to the Foundation President, Chairman or the Vice Chairperson for review and consideration of funding.

2) The patient’s financial situation is assessed to determine if the request falls within the Foundation guidelines.

3) A funding decision is made after the completed application and its necessary supporting documentation is received . Turn around time is approximately 2-3 days.

4) The individual (social worker/manager) from the hospice program who made the request on behalf of the patient/family  is contacted to let them know the if the request is able to be funded.

5)  If we are unable to pay for vendor services via our company debit/cc card, our company check is mailed along with a cover letter/documentation to the vendor.  Checks are never issued to the patient/family or hospice program/staff member.  Gift cards are sent directly to the hospice staff member for delivery to the patient/family.