Mission & Vision

As a not for profit charity organization, the specific mission of the Foundation is to provide funding to meet the special needs of individual dying patients and their families.

How We Are Funded & Where Your Contributions Go

The Foundation for End-of-Life Care is supported by the generous contributions from individuals and corporations, as well as planned gifts such as: bequests, appreciated assets of securities or real estate, insurance beneficiary designations, and charitable trusts.  Your donations are used to support the special needs request of hospice patients and their families. One example of special needs is illustrated in the brief video on this page. Please take a moment to watch it and also read our support stories.

If you are a hospice seeking financial support for your patient, click here to register with us.

Meeting the Special Needs of Hospice Patients & Their Families


Helping a young family.....
A young couple’s second child is born with a life limiting terminal illness. Dad is the only source of financial income and mom is the primary caregiver at home for both children. They have very little family and community resources available to them.
Waiting for her social security check
A wife who was a long time caregiver to her husband who just recently passed away from his terminal illness found herself with his passing with no job, no income, and bills to pay. She was able to receive some support from family and other community resources but her rent was still unpaid.
Reaching out to support a hospice program
A local hospice program was faced with the challenge of raising funds to assist one of their families under their care with their monthly utility bills. As if divine intervention stepped in, The Foundation happened to reach out to the hospice directly and issued a lump sum grant.


The Foundation for End-of-Life Care, Inc. was founded in 1999 as a not for profit charitable organization by Hugh Westbrook & Esther Colliflower who were the founders of Vitas Healthcare Corporation.  Since its inception, The Foundation has been supporting the special needs of hospice patients and their families nationwide, as well as supporting programs that both improve hospice care and raise public awareness of it.

The Foundation has no relationship or association to Vitas Healthcare Corporation or any other hospice, not for profit or for profit.  The Foundation continues to operate as a not for profit Foundation doing business under its legal name(s); Foundation for End-Of-Life Care, Inc., Hospice Foundation for End-Of-Life Care, Inc., Caring Foundations, LLC, & Vitas Hospice Charitable Fund.