Supporting a COPD Hospice Patient

May 26th, 2021 by admin

An elderly patient lives in a very old downtown hotel that has no air conditioning.  The patient suffers from COPD, a progressive lung disease that affects the airways in his lungs. His COPD disease makes breathing more difficult and significantly reduces his ability to do activities.   He finds himself spending more and more time in his room every day, but in a room with no air conditioning even moving about his room is uncomfortable for him.  His social worker reaches out to the Foundation and asks us to assist by purchasing a room air conditioner for this patient.  We coordinated with the local Home Depot store to secure the unit for this patient; federal expressed a check to the social worker who in turn picked up the air conditioner for the patient and had staff deliver the unit to the patient.  A team coordinated effort all the way around to help bring much needed comfort to this patient! Made possible by our donor support.

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